Saturday, July 21, 2012

Anna Karenina

I've read the book a couple of times.  Each time I read I get to see and feel differently for the characters.

Anna is one of those types I would love to hate.  But seeing things from her perspective I felt compassion for her.

Alexei Karenin is the character, who at first, I felt compassion for but in the end disliked.

As for Vronsky,  I hated him from beginning to end.

In the chaos of affairs Levin and Kitty are the only ones who emerged well from their struggles.

And then the movie... trailer.

Doesn't it look dazzling?

I can't wait to see how they will portray all those anti-heroes and how they will interpret the values, or lack of it, that buzz around them.

Have you read the book?  Are you excited to see the movie?


  1. Even though some people recommended I read this book, I didn't care much for it since since upon picking it up and browsing it in my school library I viewed it as a long winded read even though some peo

    I look forward to watching the movie though, since it will provide a nice visual glimpse into the glory of pre communist Russia as well as a glimpse into one of the literary classics that I neglected long ago :p.

    1. Hello Antare! Thank you for the comment.

      Yes it's a long winding read but I really like the book. It's nice to be able to read the story and know the characters the way Tolstoy wrote it and envisioned them.

      I also can't wait to see the movie. I hope we will not have to wait until next year :)


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